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Your gateway to the cajun culture centered around Acadiana Parish and Lafayette, Louisiana, but found throughout the world.

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What does it mean to be Cajun?

The Acadians left Nova Scotia and settled in Acadiana. They developed a culture built as much on Joie de Vie (the joy of living) as on the painful life in early, unsettled Acadiana. Citizens of Acadiana now embrace and celebrate the culture left behind by their ancestors.

Beyond the history, a true Cajun is someone who celebrates life through music, dancing, and hard work. They value friendship and connection to the past. Louisiana's many festivals and public dance spaces are a testament to the strength of the Cajun culture and the value we find in it.

The (evolving) mission of this site is to preserve and grow the Cajun experience. Welcome.


This site was founded in 1999 by Jeremy Rice who, although he does not live in Louisiana, is hereby proclaimed to be an Honorary Cajun.

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