Guide to Cajun and Zydeco Venues

This guide is compiled by Cajun/Zydeco enthusiasts from all around the world.
Please submit information, comments, etc. to Johnathon Wright.
(especially if you can fill us in on the Cajun/zydeco scene in your area).

Thanks in advance for your input.

Special thanks to all my great sources:

Linda Keenan, Gary Hayman & his award-winning ZydE-Magic, Marc Bouchard, Katherine Reynolds, Hugh Robertson, Nick Cognevich, Jr and his The New Orleans and Cajun Country Newsletter, Sharon Mader and Rick Blahunka, Jon Lee (RIP), Jon Bishop, Lynn and Charlie Terr, Andrea Rubinstein, Fredda Seidenbaum, Ted Klett, Michael Johnson, Maureen Karpan, Florence Cohan, Lisa Halley & the Zydekats, Rick Ipach, Anne Trimble, Ben Pagac, Erica Johnson, Tom Depsey, Hal Ferguson, Cajun Dave Becnel, Eileen, Jim Pulles, Tom Hall and Sue Wilson, Tom Martinsen, Peter Eshelman, Andy Burr, Dwight Shackelford, Marcel van der Perk, Gary Erwin, Elli Johnson, Shelley Reed, Rob Moreland, Roderick See, Lisa B., Jim, Karen Hysell, Linda Reiss, Amy Rodriguez, Doreen (Zydoreen) Stewart, Tom Flowers, Kristin Dziczek, Clarence Moritz, Jr., John Cleary, Bob Poole, Kim Kolb