Cajun Music Experience in the Orlando Area

Written by Marc Bouchard, September, 1995

I was in the Orlando area last week and my Dad pointed out that there was an add in the paper about C\Z band playing nearby. It turned out to be Geno playing at a place called the Junk Yard. Dad and I went to show. $5 cover and a call brand mixed drink and a bottle domestic beer for $5.50 not too bad. Wish the DC area would learn that pricing. For a thursday night the place was packed. But, Geno had to call a couple times for people to dance because, although they were supportive and enthusiastic, half way into the first set there were only two couples zydecoing. Eventually the floor (a 12'x7 spot in front of the band) was filled (the styles did vary widely). The crowd loved the show though.

I was wearing one of your Zydecodependent shirts and some guy asks me where I got it.. as a buddy of his made them up.. I told him and he says his name is Jamie Deelapia (sp?) Anyway, Jamie was real nice and introed me to his friends down there so I got a couple dances in and he asked me to send you and the rest of the locals up here his regards.

There is a group, you're probably familiar with, called the Cajun Connection active out of the Tampa area. For $5 annual they'll send a periodic listing of the bands scheduled in the central Fl area. I think I'll do it 'cause I'll be down several times a year to see Dad.

I forgot to mention that the Junk Yard didn't open till 7pm and has a really poor setup. Tables are odd size and not space efficient leaving a small dance floor that was carpeted and there were conflicting stories about reservations. I met someone who called ahead and was told they don't take reservations. Then we arrive and find all the tables empty but, reserved and a waitress says people call a month in advance for a table (?) I'd doubt that just 'cause they don't seem that organized but, a couple guys there said the place, though medium small, gets some big names. Santana was there but, also the Nighthawks and NRBQ and others I knew to be big but escape me now.