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  1. Milton Landry
  2. Jerome Batiste and the Zyde Ko Playerz

Milton Landry (Nonc Helaire) and his band

This is the man that first made the song "Don't sell that monkey" and many
others, he lives at 925 Mill Street in Lake Charles. He is still
active in the music.
You can contact Ms. Shirley Landry at SLULANDRY -at- AOL.COM

(Submitted by Shirley Landry)

Jerome Batiste and the Zyde Ko Playerz

I would like to introduce to your list of zydeco bands, a new fresh and upcoming band called Jerome Batiste and the Zyde Ko Playerz. They are just starting out but you can't tell once you hear there Louisiana rhythm. Jerome (accordion player and lead vocal) out of Sunnyside ( Houston, TX, by way of Louisiana). We would like to have them added to your list.

Jerome Batiste (281) 462-2067 or Gwen Freeman (281) 462-1061

or by email gwenfreem -at-

He resides in Crosby,Texas.

(Submitted by Gwen Freeman)

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