Cajun & Zydeco Dance Instructors

Anyone can be listed here. If you or someone you know teaches Cajun or zydeco dance and wants a free listing, please submit name, number, and internet address to Thank you!

Note that all descriptions are provided by the instructors themselves or others as listed. No claim is made by the page author as to the authenticity of the statements.

Last update: 5/29/2014


Midwest/Great Lakes
Northeast/New England
Colorado / Wyoming

Outside USA:

U.K. and Europe

* Northeast/New England
  • Connecticut
    Theresa Spear
    New Britain, CT
    E-mail: TheresaSpear -at-

    Jim Christensen
    54 Buttles Road
    Granby, CT 06035
    Phone: 860-653-2488
    E-mail: JimDanser -at-

  • North Providence, RI
    Jody Rudnick
    Zydejody -at-

    Jody was exposed to dance before she could walk. Her ballroom dancing parents began teaching her the basics of Foxtrot and Waltz soon after she took her first steps. She has been involved in many styles of dance from Folk to Latin and Swing and for the past 16 years has immersed herself in the Cajun and Zydeco dance of Louisiana. Jody has taught at events and festivals such as the Cajun Bluegrass festival, the Rhythm and Roots Festival in her home state of Rhode Island and at the Strawberry Park Cajun and Zydeco Festival in Connecticut and the Ft. Lauderdale, FLA Crawfish Festival. Jody teaches a combination of the basic traditional Zydeco coupled with all the hot and funky innovative steps that are popular with the best dancers in Louisiana. Jody makes learning to dance both easy and fun - which is the main goal!

  • Providence, RI
    Michelle Kaminsky
    Phone: 401 246-2720
    E-mail: mkfiddle -at-

  • Boston, MA
    Mark Scherfling
    Phone: 508 266-0331
    E-mail: mscherfling -at-
    Website with events and dance lessons: Boston Zydeco
    Susan Huppe
    Phone: 617-926-2467
    E-mail: smhupp -at-

  • Northampton, MA
    Heidi Ehrenreich
    Phone: 413-247-9089
    E-mail: hydeco -at-
    Heidi Ehrenreich teaches zydeco/cajun dance classes for dancers wanting to begin learning or continue polishing their steps. As a dance/movement therapist, Heidi is an expert providing lessons that are fun, nonjudgmental, and crafted to meet differing learning styles. Available for group/ individual lessons and events, Call her at 413-586-8179 for information.

  • Greenfield, MA
    Alice Kenney
    Phone: 413-773-1671
    E-mail: Acasbk -at-
    Both cajun and zydeco workshops given. Private lessons also available.

  • North Shore of Boston, to New Hampshire
    Trysha Lynch
    Phone: 978-536-2001
    E-mail: twolynchs -at-
    Trysha absorbed the style of zydeco from a dancer who had returned from the Long Beach Festival in 1992. She has met Mona Wilson, Michael Sieder and others to melt into Zydeco and to synthesize her teaching style. Individual lessons are her specialty, and will also instruct small groups. Call and ask. Together with her husband, Michael, they produce the Cajun & Zydeco newsletter each month also. They can be seen dancing in many locations all over New England and Louisiana.

  • Rochester, NY
    Esther Brill & Richard Newman
    Phone: Richard Newman 716-328-1577 (days)
    Esther Brill 716-244-2815 (eves)
    E-mail: ebrill -at-

    We teach zydeco (as well as swing) and are the organizers of Rochester Swing Dance Network, which sponsors swing and cajun/zydeco dances, always to live music. Teaching for Rochester Swing Dance Network (RSDN) a community organization dedicated to promoting swing dancing - as well as cajun and zydeco dancing - in the Rochester area

  • New York City, NY
    Fredda Seidenbaum
    Phone: 212-924-2887

    Has taught zydeco & Cajun dance 15+ years (she's studied with several Louisiana teachers, and visits Louisiana three times/year to update her steps). Fredda's students say she's a clear, supportive teacher who makes learning easy and fun for all levels. She's taught for The New School; Central Park Summerstage; Omega Institute; Bruce Daigrepont; Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys, as well as local bands. Wildest teaching experiences: a Cajun Bar-Mitzvah at a Portuguese restaurant, and teaching zydeco-Cajun classes in Istanbul, Turkey and Bombay, India.

  • New York City and Westchester County, NY
    Laura Selikson
    Phone: 212-685-7597
    E-mail: zydecolaura -at-

    Laura Selikson has produced most of the Cajun/Zydeco Dance events in the New York City and Westchester area for the past 10 years, and has taught prior to most of those events. She hundreds of people, both in large groups, private lessons, dance studio in NYC, and for numerous events. Currently, she is only giving private lessons, or teaching for events when requested.

  • New York City and Westchester County, NY
    Laura and Jeremy Rice
    Phone: 914-960-9058

    Has taught dance 8+ years; teaching Cajun & zydeco in Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York. See photos from Midsummer Nights Swing in Lincoln Center in NYC from July 26, 2001.

  • New York and New Jersey
    Phone: 973-568-3496
    E-mail: doloresstj -at-

    I am from Zydeco country, Lafayette, Louisiana and dancing & teaching for years. .

  • Portland, Maine
    Paula Mueller & John Cleary
    E-mail: Paula -at- and jcleary -at-

    We started teaching a beginner's class last winter at Maine Ballroom (maineballroomdance -at- followed by two more classes in the late spring. I have been dancing z all over the country for the past five-plus years while my partner learned her style in the Bayou country where she lived for 5-6 years. As for our so-called qualification to teach zydeco, I also dance West Coast swing and am familiar with "body-isolation" movement . . . something even about which most z dancers/instructors do not know, nor how to do. Both of us understand and teach the natural progression of starting with the basic steps, combinations thereof, and progressing to moving the dance from the feet ("marching drills" in time to the music) to the upper body with body-isolations to the different timing and counter rhythms - a goal for most Latin and swing dancers. So far, we have maintained a class size of about twenty students; Paula and I teach zydeco dance strictly because of our love of the music in hopes of spreading its magic.

  • Philadelphia, PA
    Fran Berbette
    Phone: 215-646-1808
    E-mail: lfberbette -at-

    Fran Berbette teaches cajun and zydeco in the Philadelphia area, including the Allons Danser dances at the TK Club in Conshohocken, PA, the Main Line School Nite education program, and the monthly Blues on the Bayou events held on the 1st Wednesdays at Warmdaddy's in downtown Philly.

    Marv Resnick
    Phone: 609-859-4126
    E-mail: m.resnick -at-

    Marv Resnick specializes in teaching Zydeco, from the beginner level to the very advanced. He is currently the instructor for the monthly Allons Danser dances in the Philadelphia, PA area. Marv is an excellent dancer and has taught professionally. Marv started dancing when he was a teenager and became accomplished at what is now called swing. At 17, he became a "regular" on Allen Freed's "Big Beat" TV show, which was very similar to Dick Clark's American Bandstand. During the year he was on the show he won all four of the dance contests. Now Zydeco dancing is his passion. In his desire to become proficient at the more authentic styles of the dance, he has made trips to Louisiana and has danced with and learned from many Creole dancers.

    Beginner Lesson

    The goal of Marv's innovative beginner lesson is that the students learn the complete Zydeco dance by the end of the lesson so they can enjoy dancing to the band that evening. His success rate is particularly high. Following are some unique features of the lesson:
    * The basic step is taught in a more authentic Creole style than is normally seen outside Louisiana.
    * It is sometimes hard for first time beginners to master the open position in a one hour lesson. To overcome this, Marv introduces a "simplified" open position which is easily learned by the students.
    * The regular open position is also taught, even though it may take some additional practice for "first timers" to do it up to speed on the dance floor. The regular open position consists of the basic step, the "rockback" (again taught in a more authentic style), and the "hand grab". The teaching methods and the sequence of learning have been designed for the easiest learning. A unique "training aid" is used for this segment.
    * The lesson is fun and concludes with a "graduation" dance. Students also receive a handout that contains Zydeco websites, recommended dance videos, and reminders/tips from the dance lesson.

    Advanced Steps

    Marv has a repertoire of about 60 Zydeco steps/moves, all of which can be taught. Some have been learned from nationally known instructors, and around a dozen are originals, choreographed by Marv. He is an expert at breaking down complex steps into simple component parts, and explaining them in easily achievable terms.

      Vince Masciarelli
      Phone: :(215) 885-7935,and please leave a message
      E-mail: vmdanceinstructor -at-

      Cajun/Zydeco dance instructor,from the Philadelphia, PA area. I can teach both Cajun and Zydeco dance because I enjoy them equally. I have been teaching these dance forms for about 5 years now, but they were introduced to this area about 15 years ago. I can do private lessons or group functions. I usually do classes in the Phila. area at various venues and when the local CZ bands need a teacher.

* Mid-Atlantic

* South/Southeast
  • Atlanta and Athens, GA
    Anthony Lewis and Cheri Mullenix
    Lost in the Rhythm
    3147 Flat Shoals Rd.
    Decatur, GA 30034
    Email: zydeco -at-
    From Anthony Lewis:

    Anthony Lewis and Cheri Mullenix are excellent instructors and have been teaching in Atlanta for three years. Along with teaching regular classes and workshops (in Atlanta and Athens Ga.), they organize workshops with Creole instructors, plan group trips to Creole country, and book Louisiana bands for dances in Atlanta.

    (Also, see a video of Cheri Mullenix doing some low key zydeco with Erin Brandt from the Bay Area.)

  • Huntsville, AL
    Rebecca Zurn
    E-mail: Email: rzurn -at-


    For schedule of lessons, see Cajun-Zydeco Connection of Huntsville

  • Atlanta, GA
    Robert Kwasha
    Atlanta Cajun Dance Association
    c/o Robert Kwasha
    2704 Laurelwood Rd.
    Atlanta, GA 30360
    Phone: 404-451-5365

    The Atlanta Cajun Dance Association, ACDA, is a non-profit Georgia Corporation formed in order to teach and promote Cajun dance, music, and culture in the Atlanta area. Our goal is to provide people the opportunity to learn about Cajun dance, music, and culture by offering dance classes, and by sponsoring bi-monthly traditional Cajun dances on a good dance floor with plenty of room. We provide dance instruction at all of our dances and try to make them as close to a real Louisiana Cajun experience as we can get here in Atlanta. We feature our three local Cajun bands and bring bands from Louisiana to Atlanta as often as funds, availability, and local interest allow. (Submitted by Katherine Reynolds, ACDA member)

  • Knoxville, TN
    James E. Lawler
    Knoxville, TN 423-584-8415
    E-mail: jlawler -at-

    Jim compiles the Mid-South Cajun Connection covering events in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama

  • Durham NC
    Kathy and Mike Molesky
    Wilfong's Dance Studio
    2603 South Miami Blvd.
    Durham NC.
    Phone: 919-872-8584
    E-mail: kmolesky -at-

  • Greenville, SC
    Carole Eilers
    Greenville, SC
    E-mail: tdanser -at-
    I am a true Cajun from Baton Rouge, La. I've been Cajun dancing for 18 years and zydeco dancing for approximately 6 years. I began teaching about 2 years ago in an effort to get the Cajun/zydeco dance craze going here in SC. My classes are generally fairly small which enables my dance partner and I to spend individual time with students. Since there are 2 instructors (one of each gender), we are able to accommodate some dancers without partners. Beginning and intermediate instruction focus on waltz, 2 step, jitterbug/jig and a variety of turns/upperbody moves. Advanced instruction focuses on zydeco.

  • Pinellas park, FL
    Joe Thibodaux's Cajun Cafe on the Bayou
    8101 Park Blvd.
    Pinellas Park, FL 33781
    Has Zydeco lessons (and frequent Cajun and zydeco bands) - see their website for times

    Currently lessons are being given by Rebecca Martin

  • Melbourne, FL
    Robert Donatto and Gloria Donatto
    2335 Colony Drive
    Melbourne,Fl 32935
    Phone: 321-259-4986 (H), 321-232-6197
    E-mail:Rrobglo212 -at-
    FREE Zydeco dance lessons. If you want to have some fun,fun,fun and meet people that Loveeeeeeeee to Dance, call me and we will have a party.

* Midwest/Great Lakes
  • Chicago, IL
    Louie Stallone
    Phone: 773-545-8286
    E-mail: LouieS1 -at-

    Cajun/Zydeco Dancer has been dancing since 1987 and teaching since 1993. Currently teaching with The Chicago Cajun Aces Dance Band at the Abbey Pub in Chicago. Also taught at "The Bop Shop", "Zypher Community Center", and "Links Hall Studio". I also teach swing, jitterbug and lindy hop. My company's name is "Movement From Our Center". My specialty is intergenerational dance movement classes. If there are any questions, please give me a call-- my answering machine is always available even if I'm not.

  • Twin Cities
    Maurine McCort
    E-mail: Maurine.McCort -at-

    Maurine McCort is an inspiring force in the Cajun and zydeco dance scene in the Twin Cities (Mpls./St.Paul). Her passion for the music and dance comes from the people in southern Louisiana who keep it alive. She has taught at dance camps as well as teaching weekly classes in the Twin Cities since 1991. She frequently visits Louisiana to keep up with the latest music and dance steps. She plays guitar with the Bone Tones and books local bands for the Sunday Night Social Dances at the Half time Rec in St. Paul. Maurine is a founding member of the Krewe de Walleye, an organization that is bringing Louisiana bands upriver to Minnesota. If you find yourself in the Twin Cities, e-mail her to get the current events.

    David Jordahl
    E-mail: david -at-
    Website has lesson schedule and great CZ info.:

  • Southeast Michigan
    Kristin Dziczek

    E-mail: kdziczek -at-

    Zydeco & cajun dance lessons before monthly C/Z dance at the Pittsfield Grange in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dances are usually the 3rd Friday of each month. Instruction from 7-8PM, dancing until 11PM. Kristin also compiles Zydeco in and around Michigan, an event listing for Ann Arbor/Detroit and surrounding areas (5-hour radius.)

* Louisiana
  • Lafayette, LA
    Miriam Fontenot
    Phone: 337-234-5168
    Submitted by Lou Latiolais (LLatiolais -at-, V-P of the Lafayette chapter of the Cajun French Music Association who wrote:

    The best cajun dance instructor in the Lafayette and probably anywhere is Miriam Fontenot. She was the first person to teach cajun dance after noticing that young people didn't know how to do this and there was a resurgence of cajun music in the area. She has been teaching since 1986. She has taught just about all the dance instructors who are presently teaching in Louisiana or has taught their teachers. She also does workshops at dance camps in West Virginia in June (see Buffalo Jambalaya, Capon Bridge, West Virginia).

    Valerie C. Breazeale
    E-mail: valerie -at-

    Corey Porche' and I taught Cajun waltz, 2 step and zydeco for Jay Ungar's Fiddle and Dance at Ashokan New Years 2000. Looks like we will be teaching again next year. We are both native. Can be accessed at 2 Step Productions web site

    Michael Seider

    Phone: 337-332-0862
    E-mail: zydecowboy -at-

    Michael has been teaching Creole and Cajun dances for 10 years. He continuously expands his dance repertoire -- incorporating the latest stepsand styling -- and evolves his proven teaching methods. His repertoire includes one-step, two-step, and waltz variations, shuffles, baisse-bas,"jitterbug", and "swing-out." He is an accomplished, attentive, and entertaining instructor.

    Please check out information on Michael's Zydeco and Whiskey River Jitterbug instructional videos on my page Cajun and Zydeco Instructional Dance Video Reviews.

    Kent & Ann Donley

    Phone: 225-752-1950
    Baton Rouge, LA
    E-mail: Zydebug -at-

    Kent & Ann Donley have been teaching together for four years. Kent has taught for seven years. Various dance contest winners in state and out of state. Original Zydeco Cruise Instructors for the past four years. Also taught as far west as Almeida, California and Seattle, Washington. Has taught in Huntsville, Alabama and several places in between. Kent and Ann can be seen dancing throughout South Louisiana at clubs and festivals. The passion for dance is obvious by the expressions on their faces and smooth moves that are so in sync, they move as one!

    Billy and Bobbye Keyes

    Phone: 318-396-5380
    E-mail: cajundance -at-

    We have danced Cajun since 1991 and have been formally instructing since 1993. Our instructional experience includes Randol's Restaurant in Shreveport, the Continuing Education Program in four universities across North and Central Louisiana, numerous private workshops and seminars, and primary dance instructors at festivals and social functions in Jackson, MS., Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin. In 1998 we were the Cajun dancers on the Louisiana Birthday Bus which traveled to the major media markets in the eastern third of the United States as the kick off for FrancoFete '99, the year long celebration of French influence in the State of Louisiana. We have an instructional video that teaches the three Cajun dances (the waltz, two-step, and the jig). The video is an hour and forty minutes in length and is designed to take an individual from the very basic level through the intermediate/advanced levels. Our web site is:

    Please check out information on Billy and Bobbye Keyes' video on my page Cajun and Zydeco Instructional Dance Video Reviews.

    Janine Dugas & Chris Trahan
    E-mail: trahan.chris -at-
    Janine was named Best Female Dancer in Louisiana at the 1986 AOC Cajun Dance Contest in Lafayette, LA. That's when they started calling her "Janine the dancin' machine". In 1987, she founded the first Cajun Dance Mardi Gras Krewe in Louisiana, Krewe de Canaille. The Krewe has grown from being a small group of 30 local dancers to now having over 300 members worldwide. For the next three years, she became a professional Cajun Dancer, dancing as part of the Cajun Connection band in Branson, Missouri. She joined the Cajun Folkloric troupe Renaissance Cadienne in 1992 and has been performing and teaching dance with this group throughout the United States, Canada, France and Belgium. Janine has taught dance workshops over the last 10 years in Louisiana; Little Rock, Arkansas; Huntsville, Alabama; and at Buffalo Gap Camp in Capon Bridge, West Virginia. When Janine is not dancing she works for L'ACajin, a bilingual monthly newspaper, as an advertising consultant.
    Chris started dancing at an early age in his hometown of Lafayette, LA. In 1986, he began dancing regularly at Mulate's Restaurant in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, where a bronzed pair of his shoes hangs on the wall today. In 1987, he performed with the Cajun Connection band in Branson, Missouri as dancer, M.C., and humorist for the show. He's an original member of Krewe de Canaille. Moving to Baltimore, Maryland in 1989, Chris started teaching Cajun dance workshops in the Baltimore - Washington D.C. area. In addition, he has taught at both the Baltimore Folklife Festival in Baltimore and the Washington Folklife Festival held at Glen Echo Park in Washington, D.C. He's conducted dance workshops in Louisiana; Nashville, TN; Richmond, Virginia; Little Rock, Arkansas; Huntsville, Alabama; Gulfport, Mississippi; and at Buffalo Gap Camp in Capon Bridge, West Virginia. You may have also seen him dance on the Mary-Chapin Carpenter video, "Down at The Twist and Shout". Chris is assistant director of the Cajun Folkloric troupe Renaissance Cadienne and has been a member since 1994. He toured France and Canada with Renaissance Cadienne. He has also toured El Salvador and Venezuela, dancing with the Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band. When not dancing, Chris is a computer consultant.

  • Southwest LA and Texas

    Willie Bushnell
    Phone: (281)-873-2433
    Email is: zydecoking -at-

    I have been a zydeco dance instructor for about five years now here in Houston, Texas. Originally from Ville Platte, Louisiana and dancing since the age of three, I have won numerous contests, awards, and the title "Zydeco King". I have taught workshops in Altanta, GA; Seattle, WA; New Orleans, LA; Waco, TX; Houston, TX; Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL Lafayette, LA; I have also taught at the Buffalo Dance Camp 2000 and I am scheduled to teach there again June of 2001. I am scheduled to teach at the Texas FolkdanceWorkshop this year in November again in Waco, TX. Another upcomming workshop that I will be teaching is the cruise that is leaving out of Galveston, TX to Cancun in November. I have been a featured dancer for many different zydeco bands and promoters at numerous zydeco night clubs, dance halls, and festivals in Birmingham, AL; Houston, TX; Huntsville, TX; New Orleans, LA; just to name a few. In addition I was featured on KPLC Channel & in Lake Charles, LA this month (Sept., 2000). I have been in both "Squeeze" and "He' Toi" zydeco magazines. Both containing interesting articles regardingmyself, zydeco musicians and zydeco dancing. Earlier this year I won the Texas Zydeco Championship held in Crosby, TX. I am also the first place winner of this years Original Southwest Zydeco Festival Dance Contest held in Plaisance,LA which took place on the weekend just past.

    Keisha Robertson
    Zydeco Instruction
    811 N.C.C. Duson St.
    Eunice, LA 70535
    Phone: 337-457-1248 or 337-879-3023 (wkends.)

    Mona "Zydeco Queen" Wilson
    Specializing in TRULY AUTHENTIC & Quality
    Creole Zydeco Dance Lessons SM
    P. O. Box 61171
    Houston, TX 77208-1171
    Email: qnzydeco -at-
    Phone: 281/862-2643 (evenings & weekends)

    Please check out information on Mona's Zydeco dance instructional videos on my page Cajun and Zydeco Instructional Dance Video Reviews.

Patricia Angello

    39114 Eloise
    Beaumont, TX 77707
    Phone: 409-633-1996
    Page: 409-895-8287

  • Southwest LA and New Orleans
    Sean Ardoin
    Teaches Cajun dance at various locations in the Baton Rouue area, see his terrific websitewith lot of baton Rougue area events at

  • Baton Rougue
    Sean Ardoin
    Teaches zydeco dance, see Sean Ardoin -n- ZydeKool website.

  • New Orleans, LA
    Jim Hooter
    1938 Magazine Street
    New Orleans, LA 70130
    Phone: 504-522-5167
    Email: imcajun -at-

    Jim Hooter of the Cajun Dance Company offers both individual and group lessons in Cajun Dancing in New Orleans and surrounding areas. He also books bands, primarily Cajun and Zydeco, though some New Orleans locals are included.

    Melinda Nelson and Charlie Delatte
    teach zydeco here in New Orleans.
    Individual instruction available.
    Phone: 504-897-6418

    Darrell Drucker and Linda Weinde
    Phone: 504-465-9591 (Darrell Drucker) or 504-834-5683 (Linda Weindel)

    Presently teaching classes at two locations in New Orleans.
    Also available for individual or group private lessons.

    and Edmond Barras
    We Bring The Music & The Audience Together !!!
    Phone: Cell 504-913-8778
    Business: 985-641-4422
    Classes are on Tuesday nights in Slidell, LA, and Wednesday nights in Mandeville, LA.

    Edmond & Paulette Barras (Barras' from St. Martinville, LA) Have been teaching Authentic Cajun dance, Traditional 2 step, Traditional Waltz, Cajun Jig (High energy with many moves and turns involved), Troika (Two ladies & 1 Gent dance moves) Quatre Main (4 Hand) two couples dancing set moves together, New moves choreographed by Barras' for Seis Main (Three or more couples) and the Traditional Acadian Contradanse (Authentic Acadian group dance). We are Louisiana born and residents of Louisiana bayou country who are as tuned to the Culture as to the music and dance and have taught thousand the pleasure and excitement of Cajun dancing! Presently appearing at Treasure Chest Casino Kenner, La. The Barras' also book bands (Cajun/Zydeco) and have a dance troupe that perform for festivals and special productions, Les Danseurs Acadian (The Cajun Dancers). They not only teach Cajun traditional Waltz & Two Step, Cajun "jitterbug" and Acadian Contradance. For the best in Cajun dance instruction and the warmth and friendliness of the Cajun heritage, look no further!

    Marc Sobers
    (504) 338-6272
    E-mail: marc -at-
    See his excellent website at

    Sharon Mader and Rick Blahunka
    Phone: 504-482-6729
    E-mail: smader -at-
    or rickblahunka -at-

    Mike & Liz Humphries
    Phone: 225-791-8583 for more information. If No Answer- 225-610-8097 cell
    Website: - Cajun / Zydeco Dance Resource

    Mid City Lanes Home of the Rock 'N' Bowl®
    4133 S. Carrollton Avenue (Tulane and Carrollton)
    New Orleans, LA
    (504) 482-3133
    Map and directions
    Zydeco and Cajun on Wed. and Thurs. nights, and sometimes other nights as well. Free Zydeco lessons on Wednesday nights, beginning at 8:00 pm, before the band starts.

    Michaul's Live Cajun Music Restaurant
    Alcide & Michele Babineaux - Owners
    840 St. Charles Avenue
    New Orleans, LA 70130
    Phone: 504-522-5517 800-563-4055
    Michaul's Live Cajun Music Restaurant offers authentic Cajun cuisine, Live Cajun Music and Free Cajun Dance Lessons nightly. Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday Open at 6:00pm; Music and Dancing between at 7:00pm. Closed on Sundays.

    Patout's Cajun Corner
    located next to Patout's Bourbon Street
    501 Bourbon Street
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Phone: (504) 529-4256
    Map and directions
    Notes: Website include music performance schedules
    No cover, but you have to buy drinks at "Bourbon Street" prices.

* Texas/Southwest
  • San Antonio, TX
    Isaiah Reed
    Nouveau Zydeco Instruction
    Phone: (210) 720-7689
    Email: Isaiah -at-

    Nouveau Zydeco Dancing along with Nouveau Zydeco Salsa
    New Dance Instruction:
    Salsa on 1
    Salsa on 2
    Mambo NY Style
    A prominent dancer and Choreographer, Isaiah Reed pioneered Nouveau Zydeco Dancing in 1993. He founded the Nouveau Zydeco Dance Inc. company, inspired by his Creole mother, Isaiah's goal was to preserve his culture through this new form of dancing that encompasses Caribbean, Latin, Modern Jazz, and Hip Hop dancing. Isaiah is a Licensed Choreographer and received his licensed dance training through Louisiana State's Correspondence Classes. He is licensed to teach Modern Jazz, Ballroom, Folklife, and Latin Salsa/Merengue. He has taught dance at major universities in Louisiana such as USL and Louisiana State University at Eunice. He has traveled throughout the US performing in states such as California, Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Georgia, and New York. As Producer, he co-produced and co-hosted two television shows in Lafayette, LA, Channel 3's "Zydeco Bandstand" and Channel 5's "Step Into the Rhythm with Isaiah." Isaiah also performed on BET Network's "Bet on Jazz" series performing Zydeco Salsa. He has also produced various instructional videos in Zydeco Dancing.

* Colorado / Wyoming

* Northwest

  • Seattle, WA
    MaryLee Lykes
    PO Box 51042 Seattle WA
    See Lykes to Dance for class schedule and regististration information.
    E-mail: zydecogirl -at-

    I teach mostly Zydeco and Cajun but also Swing, Blues, and Waltz. I've been teaching for over 7 years in Seattle and surrounding area at dance camps. I will be one of the instructors on the Zydeco Cruise.

  • Seattle/Tacoma, WA
    Tom Clifton
    Phone: 253-874-9873
    E-mail: danceman -at-

    I've been doing zydeco for over a year now and because of my dance background I picked it up very fast. I'm currently teaching an intermediate class and starting August 25th I'll be doing a 6 week advanced class. The classes are held at the Southend Neighborhood Center 7802 So. "L" St. Tacoma Washington. They're being done in conjunction with nite club 2 step. The schedule is: Nite club 2 step level l 7:00- 8:00. Intermediate zydeco 8:00-9:00pm Practice 9:00-10:00pm The cost is $45.00 per series or $80.00 for the 6 week series

    Sean Donovan
    Gator Boy Productions

    Ongoing workshops and private lessons in zydeco, slow blues, Cajun, Country Western, and more! See the website for the latest listings at

    Laura Taylor
    zydecogirl -at-

  • Salem/Portland/Eugene/Florence, OR
    Marc Green and Mary McLeod
    Phone: 541-585-9426
    E-mail: mcleod -at- Mary writes:

    Marc Green and Mary McLeod, along with other rotating dance teachers, teach zydeco in Portland at Ralph's Living Dance Center. It's at 26th and Powell in SE Portland. It happens on Thursday nights. Lesson from 7:00-7:45 (beginners) and 7:45 to 8:00 advanced. It's a burgeoning scene, and we have enthusiastic dancers.

    Adam and Ali Grimshaw
    E-mail: AdamG -at-

    Adam writes:

    My wife and I teach Zydeco lessons in Portland, Oregon. Between us, we have 8 years of Zydeco dancing experience, and almost 4 years of experience teaching dance. We taught our first lesson at Hamilton's Club in Lafayette, Louisiana at probably the first and last Zydeco Contra Dance, of all places. We were on our first Zydeco Pilgrimage to Louisiana and saw a flyer for a Contra Dance featuring Thomas Fields. The contra dancers showed up and saw us Zydecoing and wanted to learn how to do it, so we showed 'em. We also teach swing dancing, and we mix swing into our Zydeco dancing. However, our lessons are more focused on traditional Zydeco moves and styling. We teach at The Living Dance Center in Portland (Info -at- as well as The Crystal Ballroom. The Living Dance Center phone is 503-230-9389. The Crystal Ballroom phone is 503-225-0047.

    Debra Seeck

    Debra writes:

    Operating under the name Mz. Jitterbug, Debra has been teaching Zydeco and Cajun dancing, and other dance forms, since 1994. She was as an instructor on Zydeco Cruise '98 and was welcomed back on Zydeco Cruise 2000. In 2001, Debra taught in Alabama for the Cajun Zydeco Connection in Huntsville, in Minnesota for the Krewe de Walleye, again in Seattle and at Buffalo Gap, W. VA. Debra partnered with Willie Bushnell at the Cascade Zydeco Dance Camp in Oct. 2001. Debra is an active member of Cascade Zydeco primarily in the organization and operation of their annual October dance camp.

    Janine Tebeau-Jemerson and Roland Jemerson

    Roland Jemerson and Janine Tebeau-Jemerson have been teaching Zydeco dance classes for Cascade Zydeco for years. They are also Zydeco dance instructors at the Viscount Studios: info -at- and Portland State University. Check Cascade Zydeco Website for information on their latest classes or e-mail direct rjtjmj123 -at-

* California/Nevada

  • Bay Area, CA
    Dana DeSimone
    San Francisco, CA
    Phone: 415-285-6285
    E-mail: ddesimone -at-

    Diana Castillo
    Berkeley, CA
    Phone: 510-549-3951
    E-mail: Can be contacted through Diana Adamic dianaA1 -at-

    Dana Mandell & Lilli Ann Carey
    Dana Mandell 650-969-0440 DP -at-
    Lilli Ann Carey-Nettles 206-264-5646 lilli -at-

    Dana writes:

    Both Dana and Lilli Ann have been teaching for many years. As a musician , Dana brings an understanding of musicality not often found among instructors. Lilli Ann has mastered both following and leading skills and brings an excellent understanding of the interplay of these two parts to her teaching. These skills, combined with humor and theory make up a dynamic teaching team that provide a great experience for students.

    Dana and Lilli Ann teach a Zydeco basic that is easy to understand and replicate. Their advanced moves and Louisiana styling are combined with dance theory to aid students overall leading and following skills. For more information and pricing tailored to your event and needs, please visit and click on Zydeco Dance Instruction.

    Erin Brandt
    SF Bay Area Peninsula
    Phone: 650-520-1373
    E-mail: derintherapy -at-

    Erin writes:

    I teach at the Highlands Recreation Center in San Mateo, 2 minutes from 280, one exit north of 92. I also teach waltz and Cuban salsa (and can teach but do not actively have current classes in bachata, merengue, basic American ballroom dances, Polka, 6- and 8- count swing, I think that's all ;-)))

    My teaching focuses on play, body movement/styling, and partnering... how to break out of "learning moves" and how to train yourself to discover your own moves.

    Here's a video of me doing some low key zydeco with Cheri Mullenix from Atlanta.

  • Lomita, CA
    Stardance Studio
    24705 Narbonne Ave
    Suite 101
    Lomita, CA 90717
    Phone: 310-326-2348, 310-530-7511
    Fax: 310-530-9006
    E-mail: stardanz1 -at- or see Stardance Studio

  • Santa Cruz, CA
    Helen Lancaster & Neil Bailey
    Santa Cruz, CA
    Phone: 831-465-1947 (Neil Bailey)
    E-mail: HTLancaster -at- Teaching both Cajun and zydeco.

  • San Diego, CA
    "Zydeco Bill" Corwin
    E-mail: zydecobill -at-
    Teaching both Cajun and zydeco dance for San Diego Bon Temps Social Club, Crawford High School, and independently every Tuesday. "Zydeco Bill" was raised on "White Oak Bayou" near Houston in East Texas.

    Greg Benusa
    E-mail: gbenusa -at-
    See Greg's extensive website and instructional video at:
    8409B Summerdale Rd
    San Diego, CA

    Lester "Zydeco Feet" Lange
    See: Javalanes
    3800 E. Pacific Coast Highway
    Long Beach, CA

    Karen Redding
    E-mail: Karinovations-'at-'
    Phone:(562) 438-1255 Office, (562) 708-8946 Cell, (562) 439-9018
    Teacching at Joes Crab Shack, 655 Marina Drive, Long Beach, CA. (Intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and 2nd Street)

  • Sacramento, CA
    Miss Virginia
    Phone: 707-427-3960 or call Louisiana Sue at 916-962-6134
    E-mail: missvirginia -at- or lasue -at-

* U.K. and Europe
  • London, UK
    Jean Leclerc
    Home Tel/Fax: (0)208 6889148
    Mobile: 07944775556
    E-mail: parisrockclub'-at'
    Website address:
    Polish centre, 238 - 246 King street, Hammersmith W6 ORF

    Teaching two-step, waltz, and two-step jitterbug by dance instructor Odette Battarel and Jean Leclerc. Please use contacts listed above if you need further information.

  • South West of England (about three hours drive from London)
    Amrik Singh and Mary Elms (also known as ZydeCajun Dancers)
    13 St Loyes Terrace
    Wonford Exeter Devon EX2 5dd
    United Kingdom
    Phone: (01392) 439105 E-mail: 70007.4725 -at- (Amrik Singh)

  • Cambridgeshire, UK
    Pete Shaw
    Regularly teaches at the gigs of the Harrison Shaw Cajun Band, other outfits, at Festivals and at File Gumbo (London Cajun Club).
    E-mail: -at-
    See also Harrison-Shaw Cajun Band / Lafayette Cajun Band / Triolet Cajun

  • Cheshire, UK
    Sylvia Heath
    Bexley Cottage 10 Boundary Lane
    Congleton Cheshire U.K. CW123HZ

  • Leics and Staffordshire, UK
    Jim and Sue Jefferies
    and I teach Cajun and Zydeco dance at all of our gigs and at the monthly Cajun nights held at The Crown Inn, Heather, Leics, UK. Jim also runs dance workshops (with Kim Beresford) at the monthly "Nuits Cajun" held at Lichfield Guilhall, Staffordshire, UK (tel. UK 01543 262223).
    Congleton Cheshire U.K. CW123HZ
    For more information, see: Cajun UK

  • Denmark
    Jann og Liv
    Telefon: (+45) 35 81 82 26
    Email: jada -at-
    Plays with Bayou BonBons

* Australia
  • Melborne, Australia
    Margot Hitchcock Cajun queen in Australia
    Cajun Dance Teacher and Performer from Melbourne, Australia
    Margot writes: "I started teaching Cajun dance in Australia at Folk Festivals in 1995 and I'm still going - the more I do the more I love it.
    E-mail: margothitchcock -at-

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